Buddy check

1. Pre-Dive briefing

It all starts during a pre-dive briefing. Often the dive company will lead this briefing, but sometimes you need to do this together with your buddy.

Agree on the dive site, and the routing to follow underwater. Check where you will enter the water (and how), and where you will exit the water again.

Agree on a total dive time, and the maximum depth during the dive.

Agree if you will make a safety stop at the end of your dive. (You should!)

Discuss main communication signals to be used underwater; don't forget to include those of cool fish you possibly can encounter underwater at this spot!

Discuss and agree on the emergency procedures; what to do if you get separated, or in case of any physical problems. This step is essential for your own safety and your buddy.

After the briefing, you are ready to put on your dive gear. When you are done, find your buddy and do the buddy check.

2. Buddy check

The buddy check includes at least the following checks;

BCD check
First check if the tank is opened and no air is leaking from the first stage (connection point tank and regulator)

Check if the Low Pressure Inflation mechanism is working. Press the button to let some air in, and also let some air out. Check if the regulators are working, if air is flowing in when pressing the front, and check where they are located. The second stage must go over the right shoulder, and the alternate air source underneath the right arm. This not only important for the person itself, but also for yourself, knowing where the alternate air source is located can save your life if something happens underneath the water.

Check if sufficient air is in the tank, normal standard is approx. 200 bar.

Weight check
Check if your buddy is wearing a weight belt. Review if the weights are correctly attached to the belt and if it is free and clear of all other equipment.
The belt must be placed in such way that it has got a right hand release. This is for safety reasons. If you need to make an emergency ascent, you will want to get rid of any weights as fast as possible, so if you need to assist your buddy, you will always know how to remove the weight belt.

Check with your buddy if his or her BCD has got weights build into it. Ask for explanation where they are situated, and how to release them.

3. After the Dive

After your dive, log the dive together (using the Dive Inn mobile application or website!), add each other as a buddy, and review the dive together.