How do you share the underwater experience with someone who has never experienced it? That is the question Dive Inn answers.

Sharing the experience is made easier then ever. You do not need an underwater camera to take pictures of fish and corals, you do not need a dive computer. Just log a dive via the online logbook, as you would do with your normal logbook, but instead of writing the fish names, you can actually tag them. When you tag them, a picture of the fish is stored in your logbook. This makes your logged dive so much more interesting; you can always look at the fish you have seen during your dive! It is much easier to show other people which fish you have seen when you have pictures available and with the share option, you can show your logged dive to all your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Dive companies can also register on Dive Inn, and when registered can be tagged in a logbook entry and rated. So when sharing your dive experience on Facebook and Twitter, you can also include the location and company you have been diving with. Give them credits if it was good, and give bad comments when they mess up. Dive Inn hopes that this will make sure that (future) divers always have the best and safest dive possible.

Explore dive spots all over the world with our search functionality. You can explore the area on an interactive map; see which dive companies are diving on this location, and also see what fish other divers have seen at this spot.

If your recent dive spot is not in the list, just add it to our database. This way we build an even better coverage of all good diving spots in the world. Dive Inn is build to maintain itself with information from divers. Users can proactively add new dive spots and request new fish to be added to our database - including a picture.

Altogether Dive Inn is designed and built for the purpose to make it easy to log and share a dive. Pictures help you to re-live the dive, and share it with people who have got no clue on what to expect under water. And with our extensive database of dive companies and dive locations, which can all be reviewed by other dives, planning your next dive is easier then before.

Dive Inn is made by divers for other (future) divers, let's share the experience!